Monday, October 29, 2007

William rejected by Music City Bloggers, but his post generates a record 355+ comments

I contacted Ivy at Music City Bloggers about doing a post that I thought would generate some discussion. I was voted down, as I surmised by the comments - likely by Kat Coble, Ginger, and Rachel. Nevertheless, Ivy was kind enough to post what I had intended to post and it generated a record-breaking number of comments (355+)!

I said to Ivy, before actually saying it in the comments,
"I doubt I could keep from being controversial and meeting everyone's approval. I often post things that bug me. Ginger has said some pretty negative things about my posts. Kat has bitched at me for attacking Bush by quoting him exactly. There is no way I would get their approval. Thanks anyway. I appreciate the interest but I don't feel my opinions are welcome at MCB (Mommy Christian Bloggers)"
The Mommy Christian Bloggers comment was meant in a spirit of cynicism and frustration, and Ivy says she "wasn't horribly offended by it." But the comment was met with shear hate, particularly by Kat and Ginger (hmmm):

"Because we all discussed it in email and let Ginger handle it. But believe me, we all took it for the snide, dismissive, petulant remark which you intended it to be. You asked to be a contributing author and were voted down and now you’re proud to wear that as a badge on your sleeve. In case you wondered, you were voted down not because you’re a liberal but precisely because you conduct yourself in this manner."

Well, I apologized and admit it was an offensive stereotype. However, when looking at the people who 'voted me down,' the suggested demographic wasn't too far afield from reality, (not intending to insult these people further). My comment was meant to expose a lack of diversity at MCB, but they apparently feel they're diverse enough. That begs the question ... how many single liberal agnostic male university professors do they have posting at MCB? Or let me put it this way, of those that vote on prospective posters, how many are single liberal non-Christian males? You see what I'm getting at.

I know what it is like to be the victim of stereotyping: "I don't date musicians" ... "Guitar players can't read" etc... Things like that don't really bother me. The problem with stereotypes is that they're often not true. (But some are!)

I admitted to being a jerk, but as Ivy, my favorite M.C.B. said:
"...we are all jerks sometimes, part of the human condition, I guess. ;)"
Thanks Ivy, what would we do without you?

The question of the original post was lost and never really answered! Well, at least it supplied some interesting discussion, and brought the community together. Isn't that what it's all about??

Back in the seventies when I was in Junior High School, all the kids had homed-based CB radios that we'd chat on. This blogging community sort of reminds me of those days.


Kat Coble said...

The question of the original post was lost and never really answered!

Maybe that stereotype about guitar players not being able to read is correct.

I answered your original question both in the comments of MCB AND at my own blog.

Your "original question" was
Where are the Christian values in people who support vetoing childrens' healthcare but support a $330 million per day war? What would Jesus do??'

My answer at MCB was:

Justin pretty much said what I would say, except for this:

Those of you, like William, who would like us to keep our religion out of politics have little business inserting your politics into our religion.

My longer answer at my own blog can be found here

William said...

"Those of you, like William, who would like us to keep our religion out of politics have little business inserting your politics into our religion.

Your statement would hold much more water if we had an administration that didn't veto bills based on religious convictions (stem cells)and a president who hadn't touted his christian moral values to get elected.

Southern Beale said...

Well, for the record, I did say I thought it was batshit insane that they'd allow OddInteger to be an official "author" there but for some reason your posts are considered too "divisive" or whatever their complaint about you was.

I really don't understand the sphincter-like attempt to control the conversation on some blogs. I've just found that it never EVER works. People are gonna get pissed no matter what, and if you start killing some comments but not others just isn't going to work. Seems like the only comments worth killing are an actual, physical threat to someone, or posting someone's address and phone number.

Anyway, don't let it bug you.

William said...

Hey, Kat Coble posted my last name on MCB even though I generally never use it in the blogosphere. Most people would feel violated and upset, but I am fine with who I am and stand by what I say. I apologize when I unduly offend and admit it when I'm wrong and learn something from it.

Coble calls herself a 'centrist' - what a joke, yea maybe centrist within the Republican party.

MCB is a nice place but it sure could be better. Making people think too much and react is aparently too challenging for MCB. But man did it explode with my post. We wouldn't want that happening too offen now. People might actually have to consider and justify their politics with the beliefs they spout.

I get rejected but Ned Williams who calls Ann Coulter an "exceptionally gifted as a thinker and communicator" gets to post - pretty much sums up the MCB (Mainly Conservative Bloggers)

Anonymous said...


I know nobody from MCB or anywhere else lurks here (oh, hi, 54/6!) so it's safe to say that, after reading a lot of the comments on that thread and others, it might be more accurate to call it Mostly Christian Bloggers). Like I said, nobody lurks here, so I know that my comment will never get back to anyone.

Oh, Kat Coble, very centrist, indeed: Closely followed by Ned Williams, 63/7 and Serrtifiable.


LA said...

[president who hadn't touted his christian moral values to get elected]. amen to this.