Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bush ignored CIA warnings prior to Iraq invasion - looks like the CIA was right: Pakistan in crisis

With Pakistan, the home of Osama bin Laden, now falling into a constitutional crisis, the ramifications of the Bush foreign policy seem to be getting more and more dangerous and beyond US control.

If only he had listened to his own government's warnings.

And now that President Musharraf has suspended the Pakistani constitution, we have an American-backed military dictator who is risking civil instability in a country with nuclear weapons. Pakistan is a Muslim country with an increasingly alienated public that has become hostile to America, thanks to Bush.

George Tenet revealed that the CIA had warned Bush about the disasters that would result from invading Iraq seven months before the 2003 Iraq invasion. The warnings stated that the U.S. could face a thicket of bad consequences including: "deepening Islamic antipathy toward the United States" and "regime-threatening instability in key Arab states."
Looks like Bush should have listened to the CIA.

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