Thursday, November 8, 2007

Republican authoritarian Marsha Blackburn [R-TN] backs Bush veto of emergency dam repairs - TN Republicans join Dems to override Bush veto

I had blogged at NiT on the severity of the potential failure of two local area USACE dams. Bush vetoed a bill that would have provided emergency repairs for these dams. The Bush veto was over ridden in a bipartisan vote by Congress.

All of the Tennessee delegation voted in favor of the bill except for Rep. Marsha Blackburn [R-TN 7th]. This proves her authoritarian support of the President is more important than the safety of her TN constituents.

The cost of this bill would be $6.7 Billion over 4 years 2008-2012 - about what is being spent in Iraq in 3 weeks!

H/T: Christian WKRN News Extra
The House of Representatives voted to override (361 - 54) President Bush’s veto of a bill that would fund needed fixes to the Wolf Creek Dam and other waterway and infrastructure projects.

All of the Tennessee delegation voted in favor of the bill except for Rep. Marsha Blackburn [R-TN 7th].

YES - Davis, David; Tennessee, R-1st
YES - Duncan, John J.; Tennessee, R-2nd
YES - Wamp, Zach; Tennessee, R-3rd
NO - Blackburn, Marsha; Tennessee, R-7th
YES - Davis, Lincoln; Tennessee, D-4th
YES - Cooper, Jim; Tennessee, D-5th
YES - Gordon, Bart; Tennessee, D-6th
YES - Tanner, John S.; Tennessee, D-8th
YES - Cohen, Steve; Tennessee, D-9th

Earlier this year, the Army Corps of Engineers found “significant potential for failure of Wolf Creek Dam” with “catastrophic” results including “loss of life.”

Failure of Wolf Creek Dam would be catastrophic. Loss of life is expected to exceed one-hundred lives. Economic losses are estimated in the billions with damages as distant as Nashville, Tennessee expected to exceed $2 billion. A Memorandum for Record with the subject line “Wolf Creek Dam Interim Risk Reduction Measures” was signed on 19 January 2007. This document outlined the decision to lower Lake Cumberland to elevation 680 ft immediately and to hold that elevation for an indefinite period, unless and until the Corps determines that a different pool elevation is more appropriate.
Contact Congresswoman Blackburn and ask her why her authoritarian support of the President is more important than the safety of her TN constituents?


Anonymous said...

That bill was full of PORK and should not be implemented. For Once, Marsha voted Constitutionaly. said...

Because, Marsha Blackburn cares more about profits than people, just like all the rest of the Kool-Aid drinking Rubber Stamp RepubliBots.

I mean, who needs levees on dams, anyway! Let the free hand of the market take care of it!

Anonymous said...

Southern Beale:

There probably just weren't enough rich folks living below the dam to trouble her beautiful mindlessness.


Can you say, "funding the Iraq war", with a straight face?


Anonymous said...

Although I believe Pres. Bush has been incredibly wasteful in spending, he tried to hold the line on this Bill. It was wrong for the House to override his veto. America is an incredible country, truly blessed of God and capable of incredible things. I believe our best days can lie ahead. It is important for America to provide for the upkeep of our failing infrastructure, especially those parts directly affecting national security. However, to funnel taxpayer's money to a legislator’s district because he believes it is best for his district is not as worthy a goal. I would like to see Knoxville with adequate water supply and wastewater treatment, but I do not believe this is Congress’ priority purpose. America's leaders need to stop using the Fed as a means of funding State and local projects. Congressman Wamp received an F- by Club For Growth in the 2007 Pork Report. Sen. Alexander received an F and Sen. Corker received a D. I find it hard to believe Sen. Corker would accuse Pres. Bush of trying to build a legacy when Sen. Corker earned a 60 with Club For Growth. None of these men seem to be entirely serious about cutting spending no matter what rhetoric they employ. I don’t necessarily believe they want to disregard America’s need to cut spending. I think they are ignorant of the need to cut such spending. Obviously many others (58 in the House) feel the same way. Our legislators should work harder at producing a better Bill. I believe Tennessee’s delegation cares about America, but their support of this bill keeps America from putting forth our best efforts to get our fiscal problems under control. Too many of our leaders still want to bring projects home rather then be concerned for the future financial welfare of our children and Nation. America will not change unless we demand more accountability from our leaders. I suggest voters hold these men accountable the next time they are up for re-election. MarkAlbertiniPoliticsDotcom

Anonymous said...

Mark Albertini:

Most of a $T has been pissed down the rathole of funding the Iraq War. Had our "War President" used his head for something other than a butt plug, there would be plenty of money available for all sorts of projects that are now languishing for lack of monies.

It is true that a number of the pols who voted to override the veto were doing so out of self interest. As long as they do the right thing, I'm not so concerned if it's for the wrong reasons.


William said...

Mark Albertini is a chickenshit cowardly authoritarian who just proved he can't answer to the truth. He disabled comments on his blog, deleting my comments instead of reponding. After I left comments which exposed some inconvenient truths, he couldn't handle it. Welcome to the blogosphere, wingnut.

Anonymous said...


I went to Albertini's website and found this:

"...Since the drought situation existing in Atlanta is not the type of situation where TN taxpayer’s will have to pay for GA’s use of the TN river, I would perhaps be more inclined to approve a workable solution then perhaps I would be for certain portions of hurricane ravaged Louisiana were hundreds of billions of taxpayer money has flowed into over the years..."

Hundreds of billions of tax dollars have flowed into Louisiana. What fucking planet does this idiot live on?


Anonymous said...

republicans ARE authoritarians on "moral" issues---and HYPOCRITES, too.---salad fingers