Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How your money is being spent in Iraq - 200,000 guns missing

Making a bad situation worse. It has now been calculated that the invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq have cost the average American family $20,000. This money has been used to purchase guns that may well be in the hands of our enemies. Thanks again, GW Bush, you continue to weaken America.

The department of defense is accused of "loose record keeping," and as a result, weapons transportation and distribution is "haphazard" and "rushed". What's more, 80,000 pistols, 110,000 AK47 rifles and 135,000 items of body armor are unaccounted for or simply, missing. It also cites "numerous mistakes and incorrect entries" in the records.

President Bush's six-year invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq will end up costing Americans about $1.5 trillion, or nearly twice as much as the White House has actually spent to fight its wars, because of unseen costs like inflation, rising oil prices and expensive care for wounded veterans.

The estimate was revealed in a Democratic staff report from Congress's Joint Economic Committee. The staff report, titled "The Hidden Costs of the Iraq War," estimates that the Iraq and Afghan wars have cost the average family more than $20,000.

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Anonymous said...


You have, once again, managed to find a subject that only interests folks like you (and, of course, me). You really need to rethink that, "Honesty is the best policy" meme. I mean look what lies have done for the GOP.