Sunday, November 11, 2007

Right wing authoritarians can't handle the truth - Terry Frank, Mark Albertini cowardly delete comments

Terry Frank on this post touts the global warming denialist, John Coleman. When I posted a comment stating the fact that Coleman is not a trained scientist nor has degrees in climatology and made his career as a "TV weather personality"... she deleted the comments. She also deleted my comment highlighting a Yale/Stanford study on the subject.

Mark Albertini from Chattanooga, TN State Senate Candidate completely disabled comments on his blog when reading comments I left despite the fact I allowed him the freedom to leave comments on my blog.

UPDATE: Albertini has resumed comments on his blog. He must have received my complaint or seen this post. (Site Meter shows a visit from his ISP/location Sun evening 11/11)

UPDATE II: Terry Frank has let my comment go through (after I called her on it). This is just one of several times she has deleted my comments, there is a long documented history of this - (see comments)

Why is it that conservative religious authoritarians can't handle the truth and delete comments? Why do you see so few liberal bloggers that similarly moderate and/or delete comments?


Because ignorance is the ally of conservatives. Propaganda, spin, and half-truths are what they use to control people. What fuels authoritarians are their attacks and demonization of those who they deem as "the enemy" - often 'liberals.' Anyone who comes forward with inconvenient facts that dispute their tortured reality is an 'enemy.' They certainly wouldn't want people to know the truth, know the facts. So, they run from the truth.

You can see their tactic of manufacturing spin and division in society in everything from the Bush lies that brought us into war, the "Republican War on Science," the Fox News "War on Christmas," and the continued almost daily stoking of fear by the Bush Administration - a possible precursor to war with Iran.

Ever notice the fact than many conservatives these days "don't want to talk about politics?"


Because the truth remains uncomfortable for the supporters of the Bush regime, elected on a 'Christian moral values' platform that denies health care to kids, denies infrastructure repairs to US water projects, fosters an unprecedented culture of corruption, and starts a war that has killed hundreds of thousands of people.

They call themselves 'conservatives' but support a president who has opened the floodgates to illegal aliens, and
has fiscally ruined America. In just his first 4 years, the Bush Administration borrowed more money from foreign governments and banks than the previous 42 presidents combined, over a $TRILLION dollars - turning 4 years of Clinton surpluses into the largest national debt this country has ever seen and a dollar that is weaker than ever on the international market.

They don't want to hear the truth. It makes them uncomfortable so they choose their 'information sources' that tell them what they want to hear - Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and the like. You won't find many of their blogs linked to standard main stream media sources (AP, Reuters, etc..) - they get their 'information' through the filter of 'Christian conservative' news organizations like WorldNetDaily, CBN, Cybercast - where you'll see ads for Ann Coulter hate books.

No wonder the Republican party is falling apart.


Anonymous said...

If you are so sure that you are correct, adn the GW "denialists" are not, why resort to all the name-calling and lying ?

I think that people like you are shrill and desperate for a reason.

You lack substance, and integrity.

William said...

Examples please, I expect you to offer proof of my "lying." If you offer sufficient proof, then I will thank you for learning something. Without evidence to support your claims, you are guilty of name calling, not I. I do generalize often when refering to psychological profiles of political groups, but my observations are backed by social science, demographics, and cold hard stats. Any questions?

Anonymous said...

Your comments would go through automatically if you weren't changing ip's, addresses, identities, and adding links all the time.

It's no conspiracy, William. You think too highly of yourself.

William said...

Liar, on your site the comment you deleted was from 'William' and I left my email address. I see you finally let the comment go through when I called you on it.

Let it be known that Terry Frank has blocked my comments and others' numerous times, this is just one example. There is a long history of this. For example, from June a blogger wrote:

Posted: June 05, 2007, 8:02am Eastern Daylight Time by Kurt

We're Back- Terry's Deleting Posts Again
Well, so much for our hiatis. Terry seems to be in the business of "scrubbing" her blog of factual arguments that contradict her.


This is no conspiracy, it is authoritarianism, an unfortunate psychological mind set.

Anonymous said...

Morning, William:

I don't go to Terry Frank's blog. From what I've read that has been posted elsewhere, by her, I think it would be like reading a dumbed down version of Annie Coulter.

As I've said before, most of the authoritarians/neo-clones are notoriously nasty to others and also, notably, thin skinned.

I have to go do a little volunteer work, but maybe I can peek into Mr. Albertini's tortured logic sometime later today.

Check out NiT.

Give 'em hell, William.