Saturday, November 24, 2007

TN Senate Candidate: women in leadership roles is contrary to God's design

According to Republican Mark Albertini, God says women should not run for political office

Mark Albertini's blog post, sporting a photo of Hillary, uses Biblical examples to show why women running for political office goes against God's design. He feels it is unnatural that women should take leadership roles in society.

He explains in a blog comment:
God made men and women fundamentally different and with a different purpose in mind. Man was made to be a goal -oriented warrior. Woman was made to be a nurturing comforter. When either one deviates from this pattern, it strikes us as unnatural and it disturbs God‘s design. This was known as Natural Law to our founders. ... Perhaps a good illustration is would you want to put Ginger from Giligan’s Island on the tackle line of a professional football team? Obviously no. I think God’s plan unfolds from his design. He designed us all to fill a certain purpose in life. It’s not that one is better then the other. It’s that each serves a specific purpose. God created women with a womb so they could bear and nurture children. Men were not made primarily for this function.
Well ladies, forget about 'being all you can be.' As Mark says, your primary and specific purpose is to bear and nurture children. You better not get too ambitious, you will go against God!

Personally, I find this mentality not only archaic, but shocking in this day and age where many nations have, or have had female Presidents and Prime Ministers. It should give us all a wake up call that there are those out there running for political office who would like to see America run as a Christian theocracy. This type of "Dark Ages" philosophy has no place in American society or politics. Didn't we go to war with a regime - the Taliban - that subjugated women? It seems to be a habit of Christian conservative men to have a need control women - limit their rights, keep them pregnant and in the kitchen. This is not modern thinking and is no better than the theocratic regimes we condemn.