Friday, November 16, 2007

The latest in conservative hypocrisy: the Fox News culture of porn

This is way conservatives get their jollies. To see what I'm talking about - View the videos and check out the new FOX NEWS PORN website.

Here are examples of Fox News priorities:
(via: Project for Excellence in Media)

Percentage of air time covering the Anna Nicole story:

CNN - 4%

Percentage of air time covering the Iraq War:

MSNBC - 31%
But FOX NEWS had no problem running inappropriate sexual images in serious news stories... like about an entire minute of tit n' ass footage of spring breakers while discussing a serial killer on the loose. FOX NEWS also has a habit of promoting stories with explicit sexual content but with little news value, (perhaps to appease the sexually repressed conservative dirty old men?)

Don't get me wrong, I like looking as much as any guy, but these are the same conservatives that have outlawed sex toys and vibrators in several states, and have gone after CBS for the infamous 'wardrobe malfunction' that exposed 3 square inches of a woman's breast.

Hypocrisy is nothing new in the world of conservative values where gay Republican Congressmen result to anonymous sex in airport men's rooms, and to soliciting underage boys for sex. Not to mention the rash of Republicans revealed to having used prostitutes.

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Rupert got his start in T&A tabloids, he's just living down to his values.