Wednesday, November 7, 2007

GAME OVER for the Republican Party: Bush drags down the GOP - disapproval higher than Nixon - sets up a Democratic Party dynasty

The signals are there:

Hillary and her Democratic rivals are polling consistently higher than Giuliani with the GOP further weakened by wingnuts threatening to support an anti-choice third party candidate. Polls show 27% of Republicans would support an anti-choice third party candidate.

The conservative National Review predicts Dems will gain 3 Senate and 4 House seats and Hillary will be our next president.

Dems have just taken the KY Governors seat and the VA State Senate Majority.

Why is all this happening despite the Democratic Congress' poor approval ratings?
The answer is one word: Bush

Gallup Poll notes:
the current 50% “strongly disapprove” figure for Bush is as high as Gallup has ever measured.
This figure of 50% of those that "strongly disapprove" is higher than Nixon's 48% measured at the height of Watergate in 1974.

Listen up Republicans, you elected a totally incompetent president, one who has cost America dearly. It will take decades to repair the damage of the abject failure of GW Bush. Now your GOP will pay the price.

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