Sunday, October 26, 2008

100,000+ greet Obama in Denver, McCain is losing badly - dragging down the GOP

100,000+ greet Obama in Denver


John McCain is losing in a way that threatens to take the entire Republican Party down with him.

You have to go back to the Watergate era to see numbers quite so horrible for the GOP.

McCain's awful campaign is having awful consequences down the ballot. I spoke a little while ago to a senior Republican House member. "There is not a safe Republican seat in the country," he warned. "I don't mean that we're going to lose all of them. But we could lose any of them."

In the Senate, things look, if possible, even worse.
-- David Frum, former GW Bush speech writer

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vienna va said...


You should go check out the Webutante. She's in total meltdown mode, so scared about next week she'll be lucky if she can leave the house on Tuesday to vote.

She chastised me for going off-topic in her post about B. Hussein Obama's abortion stance. She made a comment that "the end is near" so I left a comment that said she should go to Alaska - that's where all the endtimers are going according to Sarah Palin's pastor. She didn't like that and refused to publish it.

Thought you might like to go needle her a bit... :)