Friday, October 31, 2008

They honestly believe they'll win

In a measure of the level of delusion and denial that Republicans are experiencing, check this post and comments from Protein Wisdom's wingnut pub. They are so afraid of the truth, they deleted my comment. It will be fun to revisit this thread next Wednesday.

From the masters of delusion and denial:
I’m calling it McCain, 53%-47% popular, 281-257 electoral.
Posted by Spies, Brigands, and Pirates

It's impossible. There is no way the polls and projections could be universally this far off. If McCain wins it will be by fraud and you will see an outright riot. Imagine the LA riots in every city in America.


liberallee_speaking said...

They honestly believe they can win? I am honestly scared out of my f***ing mind that they will win! And we know how they could pull that off... Bush didn't win in 2000 nor in 2004 - why would the fraud stop now? Why are they sooooooo confident, do ya think? Tuesday night cannot come soon enough for me. It's a nerve-wracking time, made all the more so by RNC M.O. and the potentiality of a Palin presidency.

I visit William's site when I need an uplift, to keep me on the right track!

Anonymous said...


I had this discussion with a few other folks. My feeling (no evidence to back it up--zip) is that there are just too many states in play for the Roveabteilung to work them all. Time will tell.


Anonymous said...


You gotta see this:


Mark@Sea said...

It'll be tough for the Republicans to win, if something isn't done about the rampant democratic vote fraud. Before you make any predictions, though, bear in mind that the pollsters and MSM called the last couple elections early, too - and wrongly.

Anonymous said...


Really? You want a refill on that Bushco Kool-Aid?

The GOP shyster who has been pushing that bullshit "voter fraud" meme admitted yesterday that he couldn't cite ONE instance where it had really happened. Not one.


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