Monday, October 20, 2008

The "Show Me State" shows us a pathetic comparison

Barack Obama raised $150 million in September, the largest monthly total any candidate has ever raised for any office in the history of the United States. The previous record was Obama's haul of $66 million in August. The money came from small donors averaging less than $100 each. This approach, many small donors, represents the opposite of the traditional GOP method - to tap a small number of rich donors with many rich friends.

This is pretty funny. Missouri, "the Show Me State" gives us a look at what may happen in this must win state for McCain.

McCain is looking sooo pathetic.

Barack Obama greeted 100,000 supporters in St. Louis, Missouri—marking the largest crowd of his campaign.


Obama then skipped across the Show Me State and was greeted by a crowd of at least 75,000 in Kansas City.


Not to be outdone, McCain spent today hopping around Missouri. He started in the traditional Republican hotbed of St. Charles, Missouri, drawing dozens of supporters.


Then he moved on to Columbia, where he was greeted by around 15 people. That's right... 15 people. To be fair, he then went to a barbecue restaurant in Columbia with a brisk lunch crowd and probably doubled the original 15 supporters.

Finally, it was off to Belton, just south of Kansas City, where he drew the largest crowd of the day with an estimated 6,000 supporters.

Two weeks before the election—in three appearances in Republican strongholds—McCain drew fewer than 10,000 people [compared to Obama's 175,000 in two appearances]

It's almost sad.

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