Thursday, October 9, 2008

Poll: Obama has 277 electoral votes as RCP paints VA blue

Obama maintains SOLID 11 point lead in Gallup tracking poll
Gallup: Signifying a general stability in the race, Obama has maintained a share of the vote between 48% and 52% over the last two weeks, while McCain's share during that same time period has been between 41% and 45%.

VA polls look good for Obama - the RCP poll avg shows Obama +5.1. With VA in the Obama column, he now has the votes to win the presidency. All of the changes in the electoral polls have favored Obama in the last week.

McCain is becoming increasingly negative and desperate ... contributing to his troll-like crabby persona.

Obama wouldn't mention this, but McCain and Palin have some terrorist links , in case you hadn't heard. Reminder: Palin's Troopergate report due out tomorrow.

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