Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Obama ahead in McCain must-win states: CO, VA, OH, FL

Turn out the lights, the party's over
Battleground StatesObama/McCain Spread
Colorado49.345.3Obama +4.0
Ohio48.944.9Obama +4.0
Florida48.345.3Obama +3.0
Nevada49.646.6Obama +3.0
Missouri47.847.5Obama +0.3
Virginia49.945.1Obama +4.8

Farewell and adieu, ye fair Spanish ladies,
Now farewell to you, ye old John McCain,
For you’ve received orders to sail for Arizona,
And so never more shall we see you again.


Anonymous said...

I'm calling John McCain's campaign today and telling him to concede. And Obama, he can be president and King! You think times are bad now? just wait if Obama wins... be careful for what you wish for!

democommie said...


Concern trolls like you are a dime a dozen.