Monday, October 6, 2008

If Obama credited his success to a black African witch hunter, this election would be over

But that’s exactly what Sarah Palin did just 3 years ago - stood in front of her congregation was 'prayed upon' while a Kenyan witch hunter 'laid hands upon her' ON VIDEO. AND she credits her success to this experience. Not to mention the fact that the preacher had just finished a sermon calling for the religious take over of government, politics and education... and for God to boost the finances of candidate Palin.

Bill Maher nails it again:

…all the churches that Sarah Palin has attended, and she’s been to almost as many churches as she has colleges, have one thing in common: a belief that the Bible is literally true. She’s not “Country First”, she’s “Bible First”. And not just the New Testament. That’s the happy half of the book: the baby in the manger, Jesus doing magic tricks, long romantic walks on the water that turn into fishing trips with the guys and a generally positive message. Jesus, after all, preached love and forgiveness, not shooting wolves from an airplane.

That’s what I have to tell you guys… If there was a video of Barack Obama standing in front of his congregation being healed by a black witch doctor, this election would be over.

But there is that video of Sarah Palin.

Can you imagine what the right wing would do with such a video of Obama?

Palin said she thinks Jesus will return in her lifetime. In the same service where she credits pastor Muthee with her success, her pastor says that Alaska will “serve as a refuge for Americans during the last days.” Is that the kind of person you want with their finger on a nuclear trigger?


Rasmussen Daily Tracking Poll: Obama +8

“The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows Barack Obama attracting 52% of the vote while John McCain earns 44%. This is the highest level of support ever recorded for Obama and is his largest lead of the year. It also continues a remarkable twenty-five days in a row where the Democrat’s support has never declined by even a single point.”


liberallee speaking said...


And if Mr. Obama had a 17-year old daughter whose pregnancy, "out of wedlock", were announced the eve of the DNC convention, the election would likely be over.

If Obama showed the kind of clenched-teeth, sometimes seething anger that Mr. McCain demonstrated throughout the first U.S. Presidential Debate, or recent Des Moines Register interview,for one, the election would very likely be over (an angry, radical African-American man, you know...).

The racism - and I frankly don't give a rat's ess if it is fully conscious, subconscious or "unconscious", the deep biases, and the multiple standards that have continued to characterize this election would be laughable, if they weren't such a profound reflection of where we are as a country with our otherwise unspoken divisions, and where we have not yet progressed with our levels of tolerance for "other-ness" and continued judgement of a man's character too easily swayed by the color of his skin.

In this climate, Obama has shown a remarkable degree of patience and eggshell diplomacy and has not wavered from doing so to any gaffe of an extent. If he had not been so skilled at doing so, and for such a remarkably extended period of time, this election would likely be over.

Thank God that it isn't.

With Palin's beliefs as they are (read more of Maher via link above), I am thankful Rasmussen data show she won't have her hand in nuclear matters - at least, not any time soon.

Anonymous said...

liberallee speaking:

Please do not hog all of the electrons. If you do the trolls won't be able to post their silly, baseless comments here.

Well said.


Anonymous said...

Bill Maher? isn't he the guy that said after 9/11 we should round up all guys looking middle eastern? must be your type of guy!

Anonymous said...

Shocking for sure! Now would you post Rev Wright and Michael Pflager just for reference?