Saturday, October 4, 2008

60 seat Democratic Senate majority looking more likely

Obama maintains 8 point lead in Gallup tracking poll

As an Obama presidency seems more likely each week, the 60 seat veto-proof majority in the Senate looks well within the realm of possibility. Check out these new polls on seats that were once considered "safe Republican":

Minnesota - Princeton Survey
Al Franken [D] 43 %
Norm Coleman [R] 34% (incumbent)

Kentucky - Mason Dixon
Mitch McConnell [R] - 45% (incumbent)
Bruce Lunsford [D]- 44%

New Hampshire - Rasmussen
Jeanne Shaheen [D] 50%
John Sununu [R] 45% (incumbent)

North Carolina - Rasmussen
Kay Hagen [D] - 48%
Elizabeth Dole [R] - 45% (incumbent)

Mississippi - Rasmussen
Roger Wicker [R] - 49%
Ronnie Musgrove [D] - 47%


liberal-lee speaking said...

Of course, we hope that the Senate won't need a veto-proof majority for some time to come. ;) You know, though, what I am just dadgummed tickled pink about? If we can achieve a sixty vote majority in the Senate we may be able to do much of what we (the collective, Democratic "we"...) were put back in power to do in 2006! If it were not for the Republicans' use of the sixty vote threshhold in the Senate over and over (and over) again, we may have been able to accomplish something on the biggest of issues ... Iraq. (Remember when Webb's outstanding Veterans' bill was not even considered for a vote because it included a time table for withdrawal? Or the bill mandating downtime between deployments? Etc., etc., etcetera!).

We certainly would have made enough progress on this and other issues that Congress' approval rating would at least exceed Shrub's right about now...

The frustrations of the last two years, added to the (your emotion here) of the six prior, have left even the most idealistic among us lose hope that our party will ever be able to accomplish anything.

I can testify to that personally.

Maybe I should catch a plane to Alaska.

Anonymous said...

We can only hope! what better way to screw Americans more!