Saturday, October 4, 2008

McCain - a tired old man in retreat... it's pretty much over

McCain, with his campaign floundering, retreated to his AZ ranch Saturday while Obama hit the campaign trail in VA.

TIME magazine reporter Joe Klein wrote, "Several Republicans--Reagan Administration sorts--have said to me in the past few days, 'It's over. McCain blew it.' " There is fear in the GOP of an impending election disaster. There is also fantasy among neocons in denial.

According to the RCP electoral map, Obama has 264 electoral votes fairly solid. In the 8 states RCP calls "toss up," McCain needs to win all of them to win the election, but Obama leads in 6 of the eight.... which means - it's pretty much over.

On Thursday the McCain campaign pulled out of Michigan, effectively surrendering the midwestern state to the Democrats, to focus instead on six swing states.

Obama is swinging in for the kill. With more money, Obama out spent McCain on TV ads last week 6 to 1 in FL , 3 to 1 in OH, 2 to1 in PA, and 12 to 1 in VA. Look out for McCain to crank up the lies and fierce negative ads in the coming weeks in a last ditch act of desperation.

The neocons in McCain's camp are hoping for a terrorist attack at this point. Electronic vote fraud (which likely occurred in 2004 in OH) also may give McCain a chance. The direction of the momentum is clear:


liberallee speaking said...

And in retreat I hope he stays, although the prospect of an October surprise - or voter fraud (now that would be a surprise!) - hang over the election like a heavy, grey, ominous-looking thunderhead. William, what can you get on McCain/Schmidt's continued trampling of the First Amendment? My veritable hero, Maureen Dowd? Bubbly Bubble-Girl Palin? When's it gonna stop, dadgum it?

Paul Ward said...

Thanks for the great post. I especially loved the fantasy in TWS and the wonderful history lessons of the Ford/Dole and Gore/Lieberman comebacks. The fact that they all lost is not mentioned. Suppressed in the case of Ford/Dole but still fresh in memory with Gore/Lieberman (why does it hurt to write that last name?) This is almmost as funny as Paulson blaming future administrations for the financial meltdown.