Saturday, October 18, 2008

175,000 turnout for Obama in the red state of Missouri

Missouri, a must win state for McCain, is now polling significantly for Obama. It is hard to see how McCain could win without Missouri.

Obama attracted HUGE crowds in both Kansas Ciy (75,000) and St. Louis (100,000+) today.

McCain comes to St. Louis on Monday. Let's see how many people show up to hear him.

GOP pollster and Fox News contributor Frank Luntz said yesterday:
"Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States."

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Anonymous said...


For Obama to pull 10,000 voters in either of those venues would probably be considered a coup. The numbers you're saying attended are in the range of phenomenal.

One of the reasons GOP campaign events have fewer attendees is because those attendees have to be more thoroughly vetted than their current VP candidate.


Sorry for putting THIS comment here, instead of on the thread where it belong. There was no comments link on that thread.

Michelle Bachman is an embarassment to her constituents. The woman is stunningly stupid or a pathological liar or both. The only thing enjoyable about the minute or so that I watched befoe my gag reflex kicked in was to see Tweety Matthews trying to rein her in. Now that he and some other former Bushco apologists have decided to defect (filthy lucre flies no flag except that of the paymaster) he is discovering how difficult it is to housebreak folks like Ms. Bachman.

She does have that "McVain Blink" down pretty well, though.