Saturday, October 18, 2008

RNC's talking point: Obama is a terrorist and hates America

The McCain campaign is now using "robo-calls" to inform voters that Obama "has worked closely with terrorists" and is part of a leftist conspiracy that is trying to take over the country.

I just listened to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann [R-MN] portray Obama as a part of a "leftist American-hating group that is associated with terrorists." She called upon the media to investigate these 'American hating leftists' ... a group that apparently includes her fellow Congressmen and Senators.

Anyone watching the Chris Matthews interview with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann could see she was absolutely brainless. I swear, this woman is Katherine Harris reincarnated.

My question: is this really the way the far right feel - that a portion of our Congress including Senator Obama are really part of a "leftist American-hating group that is associated with terrorists?" Or is this a last stand desperate attempt to manipulate voters with that tried and true tactic - fear?

Looking at one local conservative blogger, she asserts that Obama has a "bitter anti-American Afrocentric ideology" and alleged ties to "extremist Afrocentrists." She also says that Obama will assist Islamists in their "Twenty-Year Plan" to target America.

This and Congresswoman Bachmann's assertions clearly seem to have crossed the line into a extremist reality. Either it's pure ignorance with a tinge of racist fear, or a return to McCarthyism. Perhaps it's something more extreme, a delusional paranoid psychosis perhaps?

Whatever, it's pretty ugly and it's definitely one way to lose an election.

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