Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why I voted for McCain


  • Obama would let the blacks take over

  • Obama is a Muslim and this is a Christian nation

  • Obama put his hand on the Koran not the Bible when being sworn in as Senator

  • Obama's mother was an atheist and his father a Muslim

  • Obama was educated as a terrorist a Muslim madrassa

  • Obama has a Muslim middle name - Hussein

  • Obama would assist Muslims in their 25 step plan to bring America down

  • Obama is a communist

  • Obama wants to punish people like Joe the Plumber and oil companies for their success

  • Obama endorses sex for 5 yr olds

  • Obama wants women to have abortions and is a baby killer

  • Obama is friends with terrorists

  • Obama and his church hate America

  • Obama doesn't represent REAL Americans

  • Obama is an educated elitist

  • Obama has no experience with anything

  • Obama wants to force my kids to have health insurance that they don't need

  • Obama may be the Anti-Christ

  • Obama wants to take my guns away

  • Obama is popular in foreign countries - and that threatens America

  • Obama won't let us 'drill baby drill'

  • Obama wants America to lose in Irack

  • Obama is related to Osama and Saddam Hussein

  • Obama wants to sit and talk with our enemies

  • Obama doesn't have good family values like the Palin family

  • Obama is a liberal and likes homosexuals

  • Obama is a negro and is not to be trusted

  • Obama is involved with ACORN - a company that specializes in vote fraud

  • Obama uses illegal drugs like most negros

Don't be ignorant.


Anonymous said...

Why, oh WHY don't you write on DailyKos??? You can cross-post, you know, and you can get more traffic for your blog here. Please consider it!

Anonymous said...


Go for it, I'm too busy to post on DailyKos (plus I think they have some nonsense about adhering to journalistic and decorumistic standards. Unless, of course you're getting a better offer from the other end of the spectrum.


liberalleespeaking said...


You've done it! You've rocked my world. And home recovering from surgery it is a difficult thing to do...! Great post! Great pic! How will McCain restore his "honor" after the totality of lies and smears you so aptly list?

Anonymous said...


One can't restore what one never had.

liberallee_speaking said...

Is that you, democommie? You get my point though, right?

Anonymous said...

It would be impossible to add anything in response to your blog since it is the most ill-informed, paranoid and racist piece of crap ever written on planet earth. If this is why you voted for McCain then I hope they take your voter registration card away from you. You are a raving lunatic.

Anonymous said...

heh heh... that dude didn't look very long at this blog

Samw613 said...

This is brilliant. It scared me for a good half second though, so I'm right there with Anonymous the Fourth -
Well, not really. But I thoroughly enjoyed this, albeit only seeing it after the election.
Thanks for the hysterical post.

Sarah said...

You know, not every person that voted for McCain is a racist that believes Obama is a terrorist. And everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I think that this belief that most people have about Republicans is due to something called the "Bush Effect." When one sees what Bush has done and realizes that he is a Republican, they automatically assume that all Republicans are the same way and will do the same things. So when most of the Obama-voters cast their vote, they voted for the not-like-Bush candidate. And you always have those that say if you did not vote for Obama, then you are a racist. Well, I say if you voted for Obama because he is black, then you are indeed a racist. I understand that, of course, there are people who voted for Obama because of the fact that they saw him fit to be the next president; however, I find it disappointing that so many people turned out to vote for Obama just to get him in office as the "first black persident." In my opinion, the color of your skin has absolutely nothing to do with how well you will be a leader, especially of a country. Yes, it is an historical election, but that constitutes no reason for such a big decision to be based on skin color. I will tell you that I voted for McCain. I will aslo tell you that it was for no reason that you stated above. I am a pro-life, Christian, Republican, conservative young woman. I voted for McCain because I felt he was a better choice to lead America, not because I am a racist Right-wing Republican. And by the way, if you can come up with that many speculations about a candidate, shouldn't you check your sources before you cast a vote? Don't be ignorant.

William said...

Sarah, as a member of the christian fetus fetish republican contingent, maybe you can explain to us how a party like the GOP that includes a historic lack of minorities (lowest in 40 years at the RNC convention) is a true representation of America?

Sarah said...


Maybe you can explain to me why having a practically single-party government can help the American people. Oh yeah, I guess if you belive the only worthy party is the Democratic one, then I quess that makes sense.

‘You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and find you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy until you’ll fall like overripe fruit into our hands.’ -the words of Soviet Communist Leader Nikita Kruschev, (As quoted by Glenn Beck)

William said...

Excuse me? What administration are we under right now that has provided a socialistic bailout of the financial industry? The bailout is turning out to be a wasteful sham. "Leave no CEO behind"

What candidate has provided socialistic ownership and wealth distribution in her state for oil revenues?

Which candidate has received socialized medicine his entire adult life, first in the Navy then in congress?

Don't give me this socialist BS. Some of the most beneficial programs in America are what you'd call 'socialist'. The next thing you'll be saying is that Obama is a Muslim. I have students that actually believe this.

Sarah said...

For your information, I voted against those who voted for the bailout this election, which means I apparently agree with you.
I do not believe Obama is a Muslim, and so what if I did?
I am entitled to my opinion, just as you are entitled to yours. There's no need to jump to conclusions or make assumptions, I was just stating facts.

William said...

So what if you believed Obama was a Muslim? Then you'd be ignorant prey of the Republican World Net Daily Fox News BS smear campaign.

The appropriate question here is "so what if he is a Muslim" - as Gen. Powell eloquently stated.

Anonymous said...

These are not all relevant comments, and even though im pro Mccain, not all republicans voted for him because of all of Obama's flaws.
say somthing positive about our party.

Samuel said...

It's satire. It doesn't mean every Republican thinks like that. There's no reason to say something nice just to be nice - it's just satire.

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