Thursday, October 9, 2008

MTSU receives "credible threat" - cancels classes for the rest of the week

MTSU President Sidney McPhee:
A credible threat to our campus has been made. As a result, as of noon today, classes will be cancelled for the remainder of the week. Campus Police, in cooperation with local and state law enforcement officials, are actively investigating the situation, which involves a series of threatening emails and suspicious fires.

During this time, campus security will be increased. University offices will maintain normal business hours and other campus events will go on as scheduled. Following our regularly scheduled fall break, classes will resume on Wednesday, October 15. Employees and students are encouraged to report any unusual or suspicious activity to Campus Police. More information will be provided on the MTSU home page as details become available.


I don't know if this may be related but conservative thugs are not only stealing Obama yard signs in Murfreesboro, but they are spray painting people's houses and committing vandalism on cars and homes with Obama signs. This has happened to an MTSU administrator at his home. Mindless skinhead thugs I guess. You know what side they're on.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it was the same people. Bomb threats I would expect, but stealing Obama signs?! Those evil conservative bastards want to ruin everything!
*end sarcasm*

Anonymous said...


Folks like you, who won't even leave a netname are exactly the sort that pull shit like that.


Kirk said...

Beam me up Scotty, There is no intelligent life here. LOL

MK2FAC3 said...

I would have to agree that this is a possibility, obviously.

I would also like to leave a note to the others that are commenting:

This is the internet, and this is a blog site, you are allowed to have opinions.

Thank you, and I am sure you are a fine faculty member from the school I graduated

Anonymous said...

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