Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The GOP deserves a good ass kicking - Obama now polling over 50%

Delusional wingnuts repeat the lie that Kerry was this far ahead in 2004.

I guess you can tell this irritates me. The viral bullshit these people eat and regurgitate. Two regular posters on TNFree have repeated this bullshit as well as local GOP media guy, Bill Hobbs.


Number 9:
Your memory of history is not very good oh delusional one.

On Election day 2004 Bush trailed Kerry by double digits.

and here

Notice the ‘polls’, William? Recall, do you , the great ‘lead’ that both Gore and Kerry had over Bush? Greater than the ‘lead’ Baracky has right now over McCain, weren’t they?

The cowardly comment deleting Bill Hobbs cites an outlier poll to make his case:
Four years and 3 days ago, on Oct. 17, 2004, the Washington Post released results of a poll that showed John Kerry had a lead of 53 percent to 43 percent over George W. Bush in 13 "swing states" that would decide the outcome of the election.

This thing is not over.

How about some reality? Look for yourself. Kerry was in no way "ahead by double digits"... the race was too close to call by nearly all polls, most had Bush up by a small margin:

2004 RCP poll of polls
2008 RCP poll of polls


2004 electoral map
2008 electoral map

After looking at these links you still want to spout that bullshit?

In the RCP poll of polls today (10/21/08), Obama is up by an average of +7.2 and now is polling over 50% .

Look at the pathetic Bill Hobbs... guess which of the polls he cites when declaring "the presidential race is almost dead even"? Of 12 polls, 10 of them have Obama +5 or greater. Bill cites the clear outlier -- the Obama +1 poll from GWU/Battleground.

Like I said, these people deserve to be defeated. They deserve a good ass kicking and that's what they're going to get. Censorship, secrecy, cronyism, smear … that’s the way they do business and that’s why they’re going down.

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