Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What the Republican Party has become - Sarah Palin receives protection from witchcraft: the VIDEO

Sarah Palin is shown accepting a special supernatural protection from witchcraft from Thomas Muthee, who also promoted Palin's campaign for Governor. Muthee, the Kenyan preacher is famous as a witch hunter. He calls for a religious takeover of government and education.

Watch the following video where a possible future American president stands in front of a congregation, where preacher Muthee and congregation members "lay hands upon her" and she receives protection from "every form of witchcraft." Sarah Palin, enters the video around 3:30.

This is what Sarah Palin credits her political success to.


This is what the American Republican Party has become.


Glenda said...

" Here's an article that tells you exactly what Muthee and his ilk are up to in Africa. It's long, but if you read nothing else, read the part about the ndoki orphans (about a quarter way down). It's just sickening.

William said...

Stunning research. Thanks for the link. I MUST do a post on this in the future. This is very disturbing stuff.

EVERYONE check out Glenda's link above!!!