Monday, September 29, 2008

And you want more of the McSame?

  • When Clinton took office the Dow was 3271
  • When Clinton left office the Dow was 10,587

  • A gain of about 325% and a record budget surplus

  • When Bush took office the Dow was 10,587

  • After nearly 8 yrs of Bush, the Dow closed today at 10,365

  • Bush - 0% stock market gain, a record National Debt, and a financial crisis

Clinton - 325% stock market gain and a record budget surplus


Bush - 0% stock market gain and a record National Debt, and a financial crisis

And you want to vote Republican for more of the (Mc)Same?

Where's our savior ... the great McCain? I thought he was going to suspend his campaign to broker a deal? Conservative Glen Beck says "we're standing on the precipice of a great depression. ...Americans need to know that their lives will change. ... This is not about Wall Street, this is about your street."

Just imagine what the wingnuts would be saying if this happened under the Clinton administration.


Anonymous said...


A week from now some chucklehead reptilineoclone will have authored a book full of assertions about how Robert Reich and Slick Willy are orchestrating the crash from the sub-sub-sub basement of Cheyenne Mountain.


Judyinfinity said...

I'd much prefer McPalin to Obamination.

Liberal as defined does not apply at all to the current Democratic Party.

Self-centered, Murderous (killing a baby is simply a heinous crime) Socialistic, Ignorant, and easily controlled are descriptions far more synonymous with the current Democratic Party. And I forgot to mention bullying with their use of the media to destroy the "integrity" (if you are a Democrat you may need to look that one up) of anyone who has any semblance of moral fiber shaping their words and deeds.

Please list Obama's history of service to this country...other than that of serving as a "race face" for radical, single minded groups with subversive agendas that will be forced upon us if he is elected.
What has happened to America? Where is your brain? Read history books, understand the rise and fall of previous civilizations. Evil prevails because good people do nothing.

William said...

Let me give you an education.
Who do you think Palin is taliking to with her doggone Joe 6-pack language? The educated and aware Americans? Who do you think the GOP was targeting in their 04 campaign with "moral values and fear" platform?

Why don't you take a look at the demographics on educational attainment that formed the Republican base in the last election and you think the Democratic Party is easily influenced when dumbfuckistan reelected George "war crimes" Bush on a platform of "moral values"?

Dualists and kkkristian dominionists like yourself must see Palin as a dream candidate. I understand your agenda, but it's not an American agenda. It's a theocratic agenda.

You want to know the real McCain?
Have a look. Don't be stupid.