Friday, September 5, 2008

Pet peeve - if you want to talk about Iraq, learn how to pronounce the word

You can spot those with no foreign policy experience like Sarah Palin who doesn't even know the correct pronunciation of the word: Iraq. I've just listened to Palin and many redneck Republicans pronounce the country as "Eye- Rack." Drives me nuts! (same with "Eye-Ran")

It is pronounced:

-rk, -räk

(sounds like: i-rock' or e-rock')

We know it took Palin 6 years and 5 colleges to finish a degree. If you want to make Iraq a campaign issue, at least learn how to pronounce it ... other wise you keep sounding pretty stupid. Fine with me, Sarah.


Anonymous said...

How is it up in the elitist, ivory tower? It must be great looking down on people...huh?

Anonymous said...


How is it at the "Mobile Estates Community" where you reside?