Friday, September 5, 2008

Not representative of America, only 1.5% Republican delegates are black

Republican African-American delegates at lowest level in 40 years

The white christian party lives up to it's name. Considering America is 12.8% African-American, the Republican party clearly is not representative of America. Only 1.5% of delegates at the RNC are black.

Falling 78% from 2004, African American delegates in this years Republican convention number only 36 out of 2380 total delegates. Some states like Indiana and Kentucky don't have a single black delegate or alternate. (They probably prefer it that way).

The Joint Center for Politics and Economic Studies says McCain will likely receive a historically low share of the black vote, due in large part to "Senator McCain’s association with President Bush, an exceptionally unpopular figure among African Americans.”

Contrast this with the Democratic Convention - a true representation of America.

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