Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Republican convention of contradictions

Many said that the media and candidates should stay away from 'family matters' like Bristol Palin's pregnancy... yet I see on CNN - McCain and Palin are parading around the pregnant daughter and her "shotgun groom to be" in a media photo op.

The theme of the Republican convention is: "putting country first"... yet in an opening night, you saw old war footage with explosions and planes, tributes to war heroes GHW Bush and McCain, but NOT ONE WORD on the major issue of most Americans - the economy. That's sure putting America first!

I think the theme of the RNC should be more like "white people promote war, fear, smear, and religion forever."

Here's a great article on the Bizarro GOP:
John McCain was celebrated for bucking entrenched interests, even in his own party. He was praised for standing up to Republican icon Ronald Reagan just after Reagan had been heralded with a video. Sarah Palin was also cheered for bucking her party. The crowd roared to hear that McCain would change Washington, D.C.—even though that same crowd had just cheered loudly for George Bush, the leader of their party and the person most responsible for the situation that needs changing.

Despite receiving applause from the convention, G W Bush was not mentioned once in any speeches.

TPM: We just checked all the full texts of the speeches from last night's festivities that are on the GOP convention's official Web page. The word "Bush" appears exactly zero times. The word "president" doesn't appear anywhere in connection with Bush.

Oh, and one other funny thing: The GOP's page of speeches, which included the orations of a bunch of unknowns, didn't even bother including the speeches given by the president or Laura.

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