Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Palin/McCain lies debunked by mainstream media - Obama takes the lead in new polls

CNN obliterates McCain Campaign lies



Obama wants to teach sex to kindergarteners - LIE

Palin opposed the Bridge to Nowhere - LIE

Palin hasn’t taken earmarks as Governor - LIE

Alaska produces 20% of America’s energy - LIE

Palin visited Iraq and Ireland - LIE

NBC's Nightly News also exposes McCain/Palin lies

The backlash is already being felt. 10 days ago, McCain was leading in the polls. Now his lead has vanished and the race has tightened again. The recent polls show McCain support is softening.

GALLUP: Obama pulls ahead of McCain for first time since convention. Palin favorability drops 10 points in three days.

NYT/CBS Poll: Obama +5


Hotline/FD tracking: increases to Obama +3

The momentum of the campaign has shifted to Obama.

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