Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bill O'Reilly on the legacy of GW Bush: "poor leadership...and now Americans are getting hurt."

We knew this presidency would be a disaster and we were right, and now the reality is even too obvious for Bush supports to ignore.

Bill O'Reilly:
He’s done. He’s through. … He will now go down in history…as an ineffectual leader. And I’ll tell you the reason why, it’s poor leadership on his part. The people that he picked to run certain things have been disastrous. And no leadership and now Americans are getting hurt.


And these 30%ers.... you know who they are, they support Bush and then say McCain is their candidate for "Real hope and change". Sounds like a contradiction. What does this say about the judgement of such people? (mostly authoritarian religious gun owning white guys with kids)


Anonymous said...


O'liarly and his fellow talkingdickheads are trying, desperately, to make the course corrections that will enable them to say that they've been the party out of power for the last eight years.

democommie said...

sorry, that was mine