Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Palin meets her first world leaders today, stiffs the press - again

In a pathetic attempt to 'pad her resume,' hockey mom and VP hopeful met her first world leaders today but stiffed the press by refusing to allow the media to ask any questions, normally a routine event when such meetings take place. Palin barred all print reporters and a TV news producer from the photo shoot of the start of her meeting with Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai, until TV news shows threatened to not shoot the event. After that, they were allowed in to get a glimpse before being ushered back outside.

Look at how major media recated:
AP: Palin, in a bubble, meets her first world leaders - It was a tightly controlled crash course on foreign policy for the Republican vice presidential candidate, the mayor-turned-governor who has been outside North America just once.

CNN: McCain camp tries to keep reporters out of Palin meetings - Although Palin held photo-ops with the leaders, she refused to take questions from any reporters.

Fox: Palin Media Blackout Continues - It has been widely reported that Sarah Palin has yet to give a news conference or even answer a few questions from the traveling press that follow her from city to city on her plane. But, today the Palin camp went to new lengths to control the media, which is covering the GOP Vice-Presidential nominee.

ABC: McCain-Palin Camp Tried to Block Media Access to Palin in NY

: What's up with Sarah Palin's cone of silence? - McCain's camp has put a force field around the Alaska governor in recent weeks, and some in the media speculate that this is to keep her from dealing with unscripted questions from voters and reporters.
And it was even worse during these diplomacy sessions. Reporters were actually banned from the start of the meetings to stop them from asking questions of Palin.

Newsday: Sarah Palin meets world leaders, ducks press

Palin has not held a news conference since being selected as McCain's running mate, nor taken questions from her traveling press corps, frustrating journalists assigned to cover Palin for the election.

Good strategy Mr. McSame! The more she talks, the dumber she sounds. Look what has happened to McSame in the polls since her first interview.

Palin also met with Henry Kissinger.

In an official press release, the Palin camp misspelled Henry Kissinger's name as "Kissenger." What a bunch of dolts!

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