Thursday, September 18, 2008

Palin crony, Alaska Attorney General says subpoenas will be ignored, she is above the law

Sound familiar?

It is virtually unprecedented that a state attorney general say he will break the law and not honor lawful subpoenas. This is something right out of the corrupt Bush Administration's politicized Justice Dept.

Even the much maligned and indicted Alaska senator Ted Stevens wants to get his trial over before the election so he can be found innocent and clear his name. Contrast this with Palin's tactic to make sure that special counsel Steve Branchflower won't be able to issue his report before the election. Obviously, she fears the investigation and the findings that could come from it.

It is fairly clear from a damning audio tape already released that the allegation has merit. This audio tape is of a recorded phone call from Palin senior staffer Frank Bailey to an Alaska Public Safety Department staffer, (trashing of Wooten starts at 7:30 on the tape). First Palin claimed she knew nothing about any pressure from her office to fire her ex-brother-in-law, and her subsequent firing of the Public Safety Director Walt Monegan when he would not do so.

Palin now admits DOZENS of contacts to state police, both from her staff and from her husband, Todd, but admitted only after this TrooperGate recording surfaced. Caught.

This is how Republicans do business. They don't call it the "Culture of Corruption" for nothin'.

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Anonymous said...

Why is the boyfriend of Palin's daughter not in jail for having sex with a minor. If it was a regular guy he would be in jail and have to register as a sex offender.