Friday, September 5, 2008

Unemployment rises to 5 yr high, stocks plummet

So much for the Bush economic stimulus bribes. For the eighth straight month, unemployment is up, now to 6.1%. CNN reported that over 600,000 jobs have been lost this year.

Despite higher food and energy prices, falling retail sales, and a plummeting stock market, it's amazing that some Bushies think the economy is doing very well... despite the fact they can't afford health insurance and are not doing nearly as well as they did in the good ole Clinton years. Denial is an important part of being an authoritarian Bushie.

America needs change.


Anonymous said...

Yeah and raising taxes on businesses (Obama plan) helps create jobs, how? The economy goes up and down, always has, always will ... even a first year business student understands! But apparently not the liberal elitists!

Anonymous said...


A little more in the way of data and a shovel or two less of bullshit and you might start to make sense, not likely, but possibly.