Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Palin pulls a Cheney: refuses to cooperate with investigation

Following the pattern of Dick Cheney and the Bush Administration, Sarah Palin - the candidate who says she'll help reform Washington, is refusing to cooperate in a legislative investigation into the firing of her public safety commissioner, Walt Monegan. Despite the fact that the five-member legislative committee is composed of three Republicans and two Democrats, Palin is calling the investigation "tainted" and blames Obama - ironic since the McCain campaign has been cited for trying to derail the investigation.

Sarah Palin's husband Todd has been subpeonaed by the committee along with 13 others. Sarah Palin was not subpeonaed because she said she would cooperate. Now she has reneged. The committee may now opt to subpeona Sarah Palin.

Palin has been accused of lying by the fired public safety commissioner, Walt Monegan:
"She's not telling the truth when she told ABC neither she nor her husband pressured me to fire Trooper Wooten," said Walt Monegan, the Alaskan official whose dismissal by Sarah Palin is the focus of a state investigation known as "Troopergate". "And she's not telling the truth to the media about her reasons for firing me."

In an exclusive interview with ABC News.com, former Alaska Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan said he resisted pressure by the First Couple to re-open an old case against a state trooper, who was in a hotly contested divorce and custody battle with the Governor's sister Molly.

With the Bush Administration's tradition of secrecy, cronyism, and failure to cooperate with government oversight investigations, we can see the McCain/Palin ticket is getting an early start in carrying on that tradition... the Republican Culture of Corruption.

And Palin has tha balls to say she's a candidate for reform? Ha!



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