Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bush plays the fear card, sets up political stunt for McCain

Well you heard it... Bush using words like "crisis" ... "collapse" ... "recession" ... "economy in danger," be afraid of an imminent collapse, we must take urgent measures. Call off the debate! This meeting with McCain and Obama can't wait til Saturday.

Something is rotten in DC

I'd bet my bottom dollar that this scenario was a complete set up staged by McCain and Bush. Look at what McCain has done. He has pulled political stunts for effect during his whole campaign, not for America's well-being, but calculated risky maneuvers that may help him get elected... like getting an inexperienced good looking female governor as running mate, like calling for a gas tax holiday, like canceling the first night of the RNC because of a hurricane, like calling for the firing of Cox, and now McCain to the rescue of America's economic crisis ... postpone the debate!!!??? Even suggesting the postponement of the VP debate!!! Smoke and mirrors.

McCain is about as far away as any Senator from doing his job. He hasn't voted since April 8. He doesn't even know what his own Senate Commerce Committee does.

I am sorry, this is not about America's economic rescue, this is about saving McCain's ass from sinking poll numbers. McCain is a fake - a liar and a manipulator. It doesn't take a genius to see through this bullshit.

Look at what is happening - HuffPost gives us the McCain scenario:
  • Sunday: McCain endorses $700B Wall Street bailout.
  • Tuesday: McCain says he hasn't even read the bailout proposal and is undecided on whether to support it.
  • Tuesday night: Washington Post poll shows big Obama lead.
  • Wednesday morning: Obama calls McCain about issuing joint statement on Wall St. crisis, McCain isn't available. McCain finds time for meeting with ex-Clinton supporter Lady Lynn de Rothschild.
  • Wednesday afternoon: McCain "suspends" campaign, demands debate be postponed. Decides to appear for interview with CBS's Katie Couric.
  • Wednesday Night: Dems say they've already reached deal on bailout
  • Wednesday Night: Bush plays fear card in speech, McCain-Bush summon Obama to DC
McCain, off to DC - the big hero to the rescue. Political theater at it's most absurd and disingenuous.


Anonymous said...

How can this man, the WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY!!!!!, stand there with his clue-less face and try and scare us all? All his advisers have a vested interest in these companies that will be bailed out. You all are witnessing the biggest power grab in the history of the world. God help us!

Anonymous said...

The Republicans are not happy unless they have a reason to further burden us with fear and destruction. They crave an America in turmoil, in peril - about to collapse or about the be bombed at any moment. The Republicans want you thinking Osama bin Laden is hiding under our beds, that we need to protect marriage from gays, that if we don't bail out their buddy CEOs the whole system will unravel. The Republicans fiduciary relationship to its people is classic Munchhausen Syndrome By Proxy.

Anonymous said...


I just don't know if I should put a comment here or not. That "anonymous" (who is most likely NeddyWilliamsShit8itNumbnuts9) says nobody but me comments here. But, well, anyway. Yay!!! JohnnyPOW to the rescue. He's gonna untie Sarah from the railroad tracks and shoot down all the witches that Reverend Muthee (he's certainly much more mainstream than Jeremy wright) might have missed.

The republic is saved!!!


Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago Bush called half the nation the "angry left," then ordered to deploy armed troops to quell civil unrest in the U.S., and now tries to compel our cooperation with dire warnings of a failed economy. The market does need some intervention - the oval office desperately needs intervention - but it is preposterous that this man expects cooperation from a nation he has so belittled and threatened and harmed.

Anonymous said...

It's only preposterous to sane folks. His nibs is not one of those.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy others see right past these manipulators. Obama won't give in to McCain and give up the debate, that Obama is sure to win, so McCain brings out the big guns to have fellow republican - idiot of a President- to stand before the whole nation and act like he needs Obama or the whole world is going to fall apart... please! They want to push Obama off the boat! This is another attempt in stopping this debate and something to blame Obama for if something goes wrong. McCain and Obama are not responsible for negotiations. They are not President... lead Bush... lead! God help us if McCain - the flipflop cheat and his she-devil running mate get in the White House!


Anonymous said...

First they tell us that we MUST ACT QUICKLY due to impending catastrophe, but then after being questioned about eliminating the golden parachutes for bank CEOs, we find out that without those rewards, the bailout framers are afraid the financial institutions won't participate. Doesn't seem like we'd need to promise million dollar payouts to get CEOs to participate if the whole world economy is really about to go under. Makes me think we don't actually have to act so immediately and in such blind faith to an administration which has not demonstrated competency.

Anonymous said...

I'm so SICK and TIRED of the same OLD BUSH "SCARE & FEAR" tactics.

Bush's speech was nothing more than another LET'S SCARE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE into doing what we REPUGS want them to do.

I mean COME ONE.... is this all the Republicans have to offer? I mean, this is a disgrace that the continue to think the American People are "STUCK ON STUPID".

Well, like Miss "Pitt Bull" herself would say..


I found George W. Bush's speech to lack credibility and honor. He made sure he used the FEAR WORDS which are; PANIC, RECESSION, DANGER, PANIC. In reality, it's the REPUGS that are dragging their feet when it comes to the Bail Out Bill. The Democrats are ready to vote, but the Republicans who are playing the "tantrum child" in this equation. The REPUGS need to STEP UP and DO THE RIGHT THING AND PROTECT the American People rather than protecting these high paying CEOs and providing them with a "golden parachute"!!!

These are words that scare majority of seniors in this country. AND that's exactly what Bush and John McCain is hoping for.

George W. Bush is "setting" the stage for John McCain. This whole FOOLISHNESS coming from John McCain in regards to "suspending his campaign and calling for a delay in the debate" is SO OBVIOUS. John McCain is using this a nothing MORE than a POLICTICAL GIMMICK to drum votes in the polls. He's BEHIND in the polls and the whole Rick Davis newsbreak did NOT help the campaign. NOW there is another newsbreak story coming out on Sarah Palin's Minister who is shown on a video preaching and praying over Sarah Palin about "witch craft". WHAT?

If John McCain CAN'T handle more than one tasks at a time, then he should SUSPEND HIS CAMPAIGN PERMANENTLY!!! As President, you have to be able to deal with various world crisis at any given moment. It's obvious that John McCain is neither qualified or competent for the tasks at hand.


WasARepublican said...

Didn't we hear the exact same speech before we attacked Iraq?

Does Bush think we're idiots?

McCain talks about a good fight, lest see in Missisipi...or is this this photo-op a lame excuse to get out of a discussion he canr win?

What moron is running his campaign?

Anonymous said...

How can he be the "WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY!!!" if history hasn't even judged him yet you arrogant bastard. I'm not sure if the bail out is a good idea or not, but to stand there and pretend the democrats have clean hands on this issue is crazy. This was cause by giving insentives for banks to give loans to people that could not afford them. Now they are defaulting, big shock huh. Reserve the help from god until Obama is elected. I am an agnostic so I know most likely we are not going to get help. I think poster number #1 is one of those religious nut jobs.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he is going to avoid all the debates. You guys are so stupid. Mccain is doing his job, he is a senator! He is supposed to be in washington presenting ideas and voting! Something Obama doesn't know much about!

Anonymous said...

"Yeah, he is going to avoid all the debates. You guys are so stupid. Mccain is doing his job, he is a senator! He is supposed to be in washington presenting ideas and voting! Something Obama doesn't know much about!"

McCain hasn't voted in the senate in 5 months but all of sudden he can save Washington from itself? Yeah, ok. Then his surrogates keep talking about Raines and Fannie Mac when his campaign manager was still getting a check from Freddie and Fannie last month. BS! -

Anonymous said...

nobody needs McDouchebag to save the economy. its almost as pathetic as palin's Cliff Notes crash course on foreign policy the last few days as she met with foreign leaders. and guess what... no reporters allowed to cover her meetings as it was a closed door meeting. these stunts are only helping to unravel their obvious ineptitude.

Anonymous said...

Bush is attempting to get his way - which is to give $700B to his Wall Street cronnies to do with as they please. But he really isn't playing the fear card here. The entire financial system of the U.S. is indeed on the verge of collapse. This won't mean a "deep recession", but a full-blown depression that will pull many economies around the world down with us. The problem is still being understaned. It isn't just a bunch of bad mortgages that has precipitated this crisis. Wall Street has been playing fast and loose for eight years now.

It is not an accident that this crisis came at the time it did. Democrats in Congress have been warning that this was coming for three years now. They introduced legislation to prevent it in 2005, but lost along a party line vote.

A bailout is not the answer. The government needs to form a temporary central bank, seize the assets of the failing banks and let them fail. Then, when the crisis is over, new, more reasonable investors can buy the government's interests and start anew - but this time iwth oversight and real regulation.

Howard said...

Our country is facing the worst economic disaster since the great depression.
Even Obama says so.
It's the responsibility of the Senate to come up with an answer.
The answer has to be decided in a few days.
The answer will dramatically affect Americans for generations to come.
McCain, Obama, and Binden are all U.S. Senators.
Throughout the campaign, Obama has turned down the chance for 10 townhall debates.
... and now, Obama refuses McCain's request that they both postpone the debate to work
on the economic recovery package ... and Obama declines, in order to campaign???
I think the facts speak for themselves ...

Anonymous said...


Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit.

McCain gives a flying fuck about anything except getting elected. Palin makes Dan Quayle look like a fucking Rhodes Scholar. McCain tried to use this crap to duck the debate with Obama. End of story.

Hmmm. Guess I wasn't the only person reading here.


Anonymous said...

And how did we get into this mess? yes none other than the Clinton administration pressuring Fannie Mae to expand mortgage loans among low and moderate income people and to make loans to subprime borrowers. This will never be reported by the liberal media today but read the article by the NY Times on September 30, 1999 (google "NY Times September 1999 Fannie"). there was a time when money was lent to people who could actually repay it but under "Slick Willy's" admininstration we had to expand it so that minorities and low income people ("I feel your pain")could buy homes - who cares if they couldn't afford to repay the loans! What a disgrace! as the article points out, this "bailout" was predicted in 1999! and what was Obama's buddy Franklin Raines doing? encouraging this irresponsible behavior as chairman of Fannie Mae. but, yes, somehow this problem is Bush's (Republican's)fault. sorry to upset you anti-Bushees, but history will judge the Bush years much better the Clinton years.

Anonymous said...

Hey idiot, it was McCain campaign advisor Phil Gramm that deregulated Freddie/Fannie that made this greed possible.

Anonymous said...

It's not the greed that did us in, it's the fact that people could not pay their mortgages! the greed aspect is what everyone is jumping onto today because it's sooooo easy to do (and as Americans we love easy - thinking is just too hard)! have you even read the 9/99 NYTimes article I referred to? as for as being an "idiot", I may be a little "mentally challenged" and I'm glad a liberal like you likes to make fun of the mentally challenged. shame on you. One last thing, as far as deregulation, it was the Clinton administration that signed into law the repealed (1999)of the Glass-Steagall Act, but hey let's now let the facts get in the way of your hissy fit.