Friday, September 26, 2008

Republican = failure: Republican candidates don't want the word 'Republican' by their name on ballot

In Washington state, the Republican candidate for Governor Dino Rossi lists his party affiliation as "GOP Party." He avoids the word "Republican" on his website and doesn't want it on the ballot. He is ashamed of the affiliation. Other Republicans have downplayed the Republican label.

Seattle Times:
OLYMPIA — The state Democratic Party filed suit Tuesday in an attempt to force Dino Rossi to list his party preference as "Republican" on the November ballot instead of "GOP Party." Polls by Stuart Elway have suggested many people don't know that GOP and Republican mean the same thing. One recent Elway poll indicated Rossi did better among voters if he used the "GOP" label instead of "Republican."

No wonder, on both foreign and domestic policy, the Republican administration of the last 8 years has shown mismanagement and incompetence on an epic and unprecedented scale. Republicans are poison.


Anonymous said...

I remember the days when Dems did the same thing (who wanted to be associated with Jimmy Carter?). This is really not news. In fact, anyone who's been around politics understands these things. why don't you?

Anonymous said...


How dare you, you swine!

Dino Rossi if and always has been identified as GOP and not Republican.

""Jul 26, 2004 - Dino Rossi. "It's been a long time since you've had a Republican governor, but I have a feeling your wait is coming to an end," Cheney said. "Dino Rossi knows exactly what you need in a governor." Cheney said Rossi stands up for affordable access to health care, education and ...
From Cheney says election is crucial, boosts Rossi for... - Seattle Times

Well, except for that nice boost from the DorkLordCheney.

In fact, as anonymouse says:

"anyone who's been around politics understands these things. why don't you?"