Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Neo-con "reporter" with long track record of phony reporting says Obama tried to delay Iraq withdrawl

Unbelievable what these idiots will swallow.

The NY Post is a tabloid on par with the National Enquirer, but not quite as reputable. This report from Amir Taheri will be soon exposed as rubbish since he is a known fabricator with a long history of lies and discredited reporting.

Obama did not in any way try to stall troop withdrawl. Obama instead had warned that any agreement to EXTEND long term troop deployments would have to be approved by the Congress and next President, in order to prevent Bush from committing US troops to Iraq forever. Obama and Iraqi advisers who were there made a full record of the conversation, which was the opposite of what was described in the bogus report.

This bullshit story is making the rounds among wingnut bloggers and has been parroted on TN Free by both Glen Dean and Ned Williams. (credit Glen with a grain of salt!)

Conservatives and the McCain campaign are losing credibility but the minute.

The Straight Talk Express has run into the shitter.

The swiftboats have run amok.

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