Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wait a second, I thought he said "the fundamentals of the economy were strong?"

McCain now says the financial crisis is historic and he wants to postpone the debate to vote on the bailout bill. The guy who has missed 80% of Senate votes in the last year? (McCain hasn't voted since early April).

9 days ago, McCain said what he's been saying all year - "the fundamentals of the economy are strong." (Sept.15, 2008)

There's a reason McCain shouldn't have to debate. He was tortured, you know.

The Hail-Mary pass has been thrown...

Look at what McCain adviser Donald Luskin said 10 days ago:

"Things today just aren't that bad. ... When it comes to the economy, we have surely become a nation of exaggerators."

-- McCain Adviser, Donald Luskin, Sept 14, 2008

McCain knows what to do when disaster strikes ... here he is just after Katrina hit:

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